Now is the end of the second term in 2020, but due to Covid-19, two of our teachers in CSW cannot come to campus immediately. These past days, some of the students in CSW have already seen them on the screen by having lessons online, but to get a better understanding of our teachers, we prepared an interview for them. This time, I luckily was able to interview one of them, Mr. Pabalay, to talk about his personal background and experiences. We hope through this interview everyone in CSW could get more familiar with them in the future. 

The interview time: Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 

The person interviewed: Mr. Pabalay  

The interviewer: Kiki Xu from Grade12 

The questions in the interview for Mr. Pabalay: 

1. Hi, Mr. P, could you please introduce the subjects that you are going to teach us? 

Answer: I am teaching Science 10 and Math 11 now. Next semester I will teach Math 12, Calculus 12, Physics 11 and Physics 12. 

2. How do you feel about teaching students in CSW? Is there any difference from what you experienced before? 

Answer: That is a particularly good question. Um, I am not sure if there is a big difference, I have taught in a BC offshore school before in Guangxi province, and it is a similar setup of course. There may be differences in the way they implement their curriculum but so far, it is about the same. Since I am teaching online, I cannot tell that much about the school. Compared to the American international school that I worked with before, the students here are different. Students here are more disciplined.  

3. We heard that you have been teaching in China for many years, so do you know anything about Chinese culture?  

Answer: I do not know exactly. I know that people are different. People are from different cultures. If you respect the culture of others, then that is better. I know my students are different, they are motivated differently. I mean, you guys have a different motivation, a different drive that allows you to endure whatever obstacles are in your way. You know, I am simply happy. I welcome all experiences and students, whatever your background is, whatever your culture is. Once you are in our classroom, our goal is the same, to learn. If you have a common language we can understand, let us use that, and we can communicate, and we can learn together. 

Interviewer: Ok! That is all the questions. Thanks for your time. 

To conclude, from what Mr. P talked about, we can see that he is an experienced teacher who has taught in many schools in China, and he has the passion to work with all kinds of students who have different cultures and characteristics. Anyway, we believe that in the future after we end up with online classes, we could get along well with them in real life, and we hope their warmheartedness could influence all of us in the future.