As spring comes, the owner of reward ‘Student of the Month’ has been revealed. Darcy Dai from grade 11 has finally earned this prize! Darcy is a responsible girl who can take care of everything. She can always spread her ‘always a sand sculpture can be built’ attitude and diligent spirit to every member in our CSW family. Beyond this, Darcy is also a hard working student that every teacher loves.

As the first grade 11 student to win the prize this year, it is a matter of no surprise for Darcy to win, considering what she does for CSW. In last term, Darcy was in charge of planning the house event (basketball competition). ‘Darcy is always cheerful helpful, I can put her anywhere, so she can help everybody’s task. She is a good role leader for every other student.’ Mr. Yuen said with his exclusive and cute smile on his face. In addition to this, Darcy is a good assistant for the teachers, whether academically or physically. ‘I think this is a leader’s responsibility.’ Darcy said, ‘Well, I struggled hard because I want our black house to win. Black house didn’t win a single time last term.’ Doing things like the house completion organization brings her huge satisfaction and sense of participation.

Due to the reason that Darcy is my classmate, I know her well, especially in academic areas. In last semester, Darcy has won the ‘Honor Roll’ award with a sliver medal. She thinks that studying is about patience and efficiency. Having a time schedule and putting it into practice is also very important. She always considers what to do after evening reading time, what to do in the second class of evening study, and so on. Moreover, Darcy writes the homework content on the class blackboard every day. In her mind, making sure that fellow classmates do not forget any of the homework is also necessary part of leadership. Being disciplined and knowing what one should be doing contributes a lot to one’s study efficiency.

Either with the basketball competition plans, or helping students in their time management, we can always see Darcy participating. When I asked her if she ever felt tired, she answered me with sturdy eyes; ‘Actually, yes. But the whole class improving is much better than only me improving. Also, I am happy to take some parts of burden for Summer (our home room teacher). Therefore, when I have done my leadership tasks, I am always relieved and feel happy for having done these things.’