By Liz Li Congyi

 June 18th may be a shopping spree day for most Chinese people. But for the excited students of CSW students, it was indeed a mixed day. The curtain of summer fell leisurely, and the pace of graduation quietly descended. Someone said: “If you meet in the summer, let’s say goodbye in the summer. Someone else said: “The three seconds of taking a photo captures the rush of youth. ” 

The sun is blazing, and I feel the seniors are reluctantly leaving the campus full of joys and sorrows. The cicadas screamed and clamoured, as I watched my dear friends wave goodbye and leave the school. The magnolias were rich, and I suddenly realized that I was also bidding farewell to my slightly young and immature self. I am moving on to my third year in high school! On the day of the graduation ceremony, I watched the carefully made videos of the seniors, and the scenes of the past without recollection in my mind. Seeing that the teachers who had taught me carefully appear in front of me again, I couldn’t help but feel sad for those who are leaving. Every performance was wonderful, but under the numerous performances, what touched my heart the most was the collective performance of the third year students. I usually watch the high-spirited seniors in performances that shock my soul. The alarm bell in my heart was struck all of a sudden. What about me after next year? Can I do as well as them? What have I learned in the past two years? What did I get? What is left to learn and achieve? 

The midsummer night’s dream is blurry and absurd, joyful and complicated. I stepped into the campus of Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22nd School this summer two years ago. It was me who was discouraged after passing the middle school entrance examination. I was extremely disappointed in myself. Two years later, I have embarked on a completely different life track from most ordinary high school students. I am more confident and happy now than before. The heightening will not be overwhelmed by the monotonous academic work, and correspondingly, a more perfect student can be shaped in personality here. In heightening, we are practicing to develop true knowledge, not just what the book says, but what the teacher says. Often we perceive cognitive reflections through our own hands-on practice. And the impact it brings is engraved in our whole life. I have experienced a lot of bumps here and there, but when I think of the next hot summer I will leave this campus full of beautiful memories and take away the youthfulness. I can’t imagine what kind of mood I should use to release my parting in the next year. 

Because of dreams, we meet there; because of dreams, we take off from there. Three years are fleeting, and now there is only one-third left… But now I am so ordinary, am I qualified to pursue my dream and my future? Andre Gide once wrote this sentence in “Food for the World”: “I live in an eternal and sweet waiting, waiting for any future.” Life is in a variety of styles. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, we should celebrate the joy of youth. I hope that the superlatives of life can also become poetic and distant places. Life is a multi-prism, always showing us the unpredictable side. Looking at it from another angle, maybe I am not ordinary, and I also have the appearance that others admire. Romain Rowland said: “Your ideals and enthusiasm are the rudder and sail of your soul.” There is always something to pursue in one’s heart. In our class, some people want to be doctors, some want to start a business, and some may want to inherit the family business. And I want to be an artist who is not an artist. Tagore said: “When we truly love this world, we can truly live in this world.” This world is so splendid and grand, we should really look at it. To feel the vastness of China’s land, to experience the beauty of the world. When we graduate this year, the students in our class will be scattered in the north and south of the world. We not only undertake the mission of the country and the nation, but also cultivate an open mind and global concept, and take steps to the world. Of course, no matter where we go, we can never forget our origin. We always tell the story of China well, show the Chinese style, convey the voice of China to the international community, and at the same time assume the responsibility of promoting the common development of mankind. Thinking of this, my heart feels a lot of comfort, and I no longer have the melancholy of unreasonable worries. 

Willing to grow, and fall generously, withered trees in spring, live up to expectations. May the future be sunny, and full of rebirth and hope.