Two weeks ago, grade 12 teachers took some students to a recording studio to record our class song. The name of the song is This IMe. It is a song about life advice.  

Everyone is very familiar with this song. This song has already been released, and it is from the movie, The Greatest Showman. This IMe, performed by some lead actors, comes at the climax of the movie. It is worth mentioning that the name of the song comes from some very classic plots in the movie. The characters in the movie suffered plenty of verbal violence and scorn from others due to their peculiar appearance which is extremely different from normal people. However, they mustered up their courage and decided to forget the sadness in their hearts, and finally breaking through their mental barriers, showing themselves and loudly singing their positive attitudes out.  

 Ms. Dai, a grade 12 homeroom teacher, explained the reason she picked this song is that she hopes we can be as those characters — believing in ourselves, being brave, and never giving up.  

Time flies. Grade 12 is a unique group, we have been studying on the campus for three years, therefore we are the most experienced people here. However, back three years ago, we were new to this place and still novices, thus we met a lot of difficulties. In the past three years, we were sometimes sad, sometimes punished, sometimes happy, and sometimes wandered aimlessly, full of uncertainty. Despite that, having gone through all those barriers, we gradually grew up, and we recognized ourselves. Like the lyrics go, “I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I am meant to be, this is me”.  

Overall, as a student who participated in the recording, I feel excited and proud to help express the real meaning behind this song. I hope that all of us can take those difficulties we encounter as our own wonderful experiences, learn from them, then we can confidently show true feelings and maturely make decisions for ourselves in the future. In the end, when we think of the song in the future, it will always remind us of the meaning behind the song, that is, we are unique, and we don’t need to be defined by others.