In my sights, Queena is a confident, optimistic girl. During the more than a year since entering high school, we have all witnessed her growth with our own eyes. 

Queena is a leader with a sense of cooperative teamwork. She is the head of the dormitory for six people, the life committee member of the class, and a member of the logistics department of the student union. She will always carry out her duties with a passion for her community. She is always carefully helping her community. She actively participates in House Events every month and is never absent. At the same time, she also encourages people in her house team to actively participate in sports activities. She will take the initiative to assume the responsibility as a leader. When working in a group, everyone especially wants to be with her because she has good leadership and organizational skills. She will take the initiative in arranging every task that is suitable for the team members and will not make the team members feel oppressive. She will also discover the strengths of each team member and help them shine in their field. 

Queena is also a versatile girl. Every semester, she is on the Honor Roll. In the CSW Art Festival competition, she won the second prize in the singing category. She has also been to Korea to participate in piano competitions and won a silver medal. On weekends, she goes to play badminton and sings together with her classmates. Although she has never studied painting, painting has always been an art she likes very much. She also signed up to participate in the drawing competition of the Science and Technology Festival and won the second prize. She is a person who likes to challenge herself. She always tries things she hasn’t tried. 

Queena is still a caring girl. She will actively participate in various volunteer activities. This year, she also participated in the Indian teaching activities. She said that she has been doing volunteer activities since elementary school and has been doing it until now because she enjoys helping others. 

In the eyes of her classmates, Queena is a self-disciplined person. She will plan what she needs to do every day. She has a good habit. She will put important things on the desktop of the computer. She said that in this way, she would not miss any important event, and she would have a sense of time. She is also a good student who loves to take notes. She will write down what the teacher said or important knowledge points in the PPT. This can strengthen our memory. Usually, writing a knowledge point once is more useful than reading it ten times. Queena is also a person who likes to ask questions. We can always see her asking the teacher some knowledge that she is not clear about during the break. She will look for a learning method that suits her because she believes that the right learning state can always keep her in a relaxed and happy state. 

In the eyes of the teacher, she is an excellent student who can bear hardships and stand hard work. For every task assigned by the teacher, she can always complete it on time and brilliantly. The teacher always said that she is a magical girl because the teacher can always see different shining points in her. Therefore, she always surprises everyone. 

In everyone’s eyes, she is a girl who loves to laugh. Her smile is also very contagious. She likes to face strangers, classmates, and things with a smile. You can see that she is very happy every day. It is precisely because of her smile that she has many good friends. 

Queena is a very helpful student and leader. She is a role model for many people. She has many advantages that everyone should learn from. We hope she can shine brightly and be a better self in the next semester!