Engagement at all Levels 

So far this school year, CSW students have demonstrated a high level of learning engagement within the British Columbia program of studies. 

Grade ten students demonstrate a high level of engagement in the development of important language skills. Grade eleven students are engaged in knowledge building that will eventually lead to high achievement in grade twelve. Grade twelve students are engaged in the process of achieving high marks in order to best prepare themselves to navigate rigorous university entrance standards.  

Grade ten students are engaged in the important development of language skills, in each of the key areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Mr. Rokkit encourages students to speak English in English and PE classes, while Mr. Mah helps students learn English through English language arts new media coursework. 

Grade eleven students are engaged in Mr. Yi’s online math class. While Ms. R is working diligently to help students learn chemistry, which will lead to hands-on science labs as the year progresses. Grade eleven students are also engaged in learning English with Mr. Johnson, which is sure to set the stage for further learning in English 12. 

Grade twelve students are engaged in Mr. Johnson’s English 12 class, which is a key course for enrollment into universities overseas. Mr. Yi is teaching dynamic online math and calculus classes, while Ms. R teaches chemistry 12 as another one of the key courses needed for university entrance requirements. In addition, students are keenly aware that universities want to see interim grades early, in order to make conditional offers for admission, which is in advance of the final admission deadlines in July. In the meantime, please join BC staff in encouraging grade twelve students to research at least three post secondary institutions that are of interest.    

Undoubtedly, CSW students continue to be engaged in the learning process at all levels, which is sure to lead to another successful school year, here at CSW. 


Kent Tamblyn, Principal, Canadian Secondary Wenzhou