By Anna Gao

There was a drizzle in the sky last Friday, but it could not affect the enthusiasm of the students. This is the first large-scale art event held by Anna Gao. The students who participated in the performance have been waiting for a long time, so they asked for leave in the morning to start makeup and make final preparations. Time flies quickly. At 13:15, the CSW “Passion Flies YOUNG, Youth Flies” themed art activity officially started. The host is Anna, at the same time, she is also the head of the Arts Department of the Student Union, and Andrew, a member of the Arts Department. They came to the stage with full enthusiasm and started the long-awaited art fest. 

The first to compete are the students in the dance group. Their delicate and charming dance steps, moving slowly like a cloud and spinning like a whirlwind, danced out the youth of their hearts. Charlie, who won the first prize with a Mongolian dance “Meng zhong de eji”, told us in an interview: “Because of the opportunity of the art festival, I picked up a dance that I have not danced for a long time. I started to enter the dance studio again, started basic skills training, and always believed in “ten years of work under the stage”, which also made me experience the feeling of “enjoying the stage”. Thanks to the school for this precious opportunity, so that the students can show their beautiful dance styles. I also hope that I can stick to the dance and make it my hobby.” 

In the second group, students from the instrumental group showed off their talents for music. Their fingers danced on the black and white keys and on the strings, giving out a beautiful and melodious melody. Mellisa, who won the first prize with a very difficult double-row key track “Gu ba”, told us: “I am very grateful to the school for giving students the opportunity to carry out activities other than learning. What impressed me the most was not the competition. The process and results are due to the help of the students. Because my instrument is very heavy, boys are willing to help me move the piano, which touched me a lot, and at the same time I feel the strong atmosphere of love in the school.” 

The third group competed in the vocal music. At the same time, the vocal music group was also the group with the largest number of participants. Their strong and firm voices competed against the young and frivolous but with enthusiastic pace. They sang indifferently, letting their singing surge with passion, and letting their youth bloom freely! Kiki, who won first place in the twelfth grade, sang “Too good at goodbyes”. In an interview, she said: “After I got on stage, I forgot a little bit because of nervousness, but my friends gave me something during my performance. Cheering, it made me relax a lot. After the end, I felt that my performance was not as good as before, and I was a little bit depressed, but then I was surprised to hear that I took the first place. All in all, winning a prize is an encouragement to me, and I am very grateful. At the same time, I am also grateful to my friends for their support. I hope everyone can learn to enjoy the stage while participating in the performance!” 

The last group played a dubbing competition. This project tested the students’ ability to perform on-site with good English pronunciation and intonation. Although the tenth grade student Katy was the youngest, she won the championship this time. She told us: “For this award, in fact, I was more surprised, because in the process of the competition out of some breakdown. I am glad that I did not make a fatal mistake. Thanks to the judges for their high evaluation and trust in me! I will keep working hard! Because I know I still have a lot of inadequacies!” 

It can be said that this program ended with high quality and a high degree of competition, and the cooperation of each student made the whole art festival go well!