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In 2020, 100% of CINEC grade 12 students graduated with a BC Dogwood Diploma, with 76% receiving offers from top 70 universities around the world, including 995 offers from universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In total, CINEC graduates received over $2,500,000 in scholarships this year!


– 校长

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“Now, as you all move forward, hold your heads up high, take risks, continue pursuing your passions, both academically and otherwise. You all have a bright road ahead of you. It might not always be easy, but keep at it, it’s worth it. ”

–  Principal 

Graduation Ceremony Feeling

Graduation Ceremony Feeling

By Liz Li Congyi  June 18th may be a shopping spree day for most Chinese people. But for the excited students of CSW students, it was indeed a mixed day. The curtain of summer fell leisurely, and the pace of graduation quietly descended. Someone said: "If you meet...

Mutual Learning and Progress

Mutual Learning and Progress

By Allison G12  On October 15, 2020, the Third Alumni Association meeting at CSW was held. Students could see that the hallway was adorned with the artwork of the seniors before entering the lecture hall. The students' attention was drawn to these unique works of art,...

2019 Graduate University Admissions

2019 Graduate University Admissions

Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School graduating classes are embarking on a new adventure in education and experience. With record numbers in scholarships for most schools, and offers galore, our students are able to select their top choice. Students were able to...

Student of the month

Student of the month

As spring comes, the owner of reward ‘Student of the Month’ has been revealed. Darcy Dai from grade 11 has finally earned this prize! Darcy is a responsible girl who can take care of everything. She can always spread her ‘always a sand sculpture can be built’ attitude...

Alumni event at CSW

Alumni event at CSW

At the end of the December, CSW held their first ever alumni event. We invited many CSW graduates. The guests were varied and were from different walks of life. For example, one of them is a freshman at the University of Hong Kong, while…

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